Saturday, August 6, 2011

More 15mm French

So, I have a cold coming on and as such haven't done anything other thain paint at night, base things during the day (When Arabella is napping). I aim to paint 15mm French and 28mm ww2 for the next few weeks and I hope that I can finish my 15mm French and ww2 Russians (RoE), I do have some Germans (A tank and halftrack) but I plan to offload these.

I am currently working on some OG and AB French, I like both ranges but I tend to use AB for Cavalry and OG for Guns and Infantry. The OG infantry I quite like, and comparing to AB the price difference is very desirable, but given that I am lucky in that the OG French figures I uses are very good whereasother packs are awful (Austrian Grenadiers come to mind).

I do however have some OG Guard Chasseurs I picked up at a Swap Meet, main problem being I have enough for 3 Regiments so one will be the Guard while the other two will be painted as something exotic (Italian or Neopolitans).

Below the OG Chassuer a Cheval Std. Base layers done plus I painted some Gold on to see how it would show up.

I am painting 12 figures in all, and have made my first booboo already. I wasnt paying attention to what I was doing and painted the Trumpter base layers in reverse colours instead of the Sky Blue, I'm not going to correct it as it the extra layers of paint would lose some detail.

I am also about so start the 2nd Hussars (AB) and the 6th Polish Line Regt (OG). Have taken a before pic of 3 of the Poles, which have all been undercoated, base coated and now await more detail.

The 2nd Hussars are basecoated to some degree except the horses as I do them last. I really really hate doing horses so I hope with this round of painting I can improve upon my crap work now and get some decent looking figures.

So for my French I have left (Horse Grenadiers of the Guard, ?th Cuirrassiers, ?th Dragoons, ?th Line lancers, 1st Carabiniers,2 Hussar Units (Using OG Guard Chasseurs), 3 Swiss Line, 1 Spanish Line, 2 Wurttenburg, 2 Legere (Westfalian maybe), Guard Grenadiers (2), Guard Chasseurs (1) and 1 Polish Line (And of course 600 Prussian Inf, 100 odd cav etc etc)

The rest of these pics are completed work. Most of the bases are going to be finished soon (I based them quickly for a small game), sand,shading and flock to come. Below are my 3rd Croatian, French 123rd and 1st Wurttenburg Line in column.

A good close up (I hope) - basing them quickly I managed to splash green paint over everyone but when I goto do the bases properly this will be corrected.

The Command stand of 1st Wurttenburg Line.

And finally a repainted Spanish unit. One of the oldest units I have, the original paint was in Humbrol (I remember the stink of that paint) so I have simply washed and highlighted.


Rodger said...

Very nice work Paul. I really like the Wurttenburg units. Nice to see some of the other nations for a change.

Jacko said...


My 28mm "French Army" is mostly German and I have planned the same thing with the 15mm. The Conferderation and other Allies have such a variety of uniforms that its quite fun to paint.


paulalba said...

Nice work Jacko,
Just spotted your blog. our armies are coming along well.