Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oh those Spanish troops - aren't they pretty and dashing !

So upon a closer inspection of the 15mm Spanish damaged in the Feb 22 Earthquake has revealed the following

25 Figures broken\crushed beyound usefulness _ it will be easier on my sanity to simply buy replacements than to try and repair.

49 elements of infantry (196 figures) need to be rebased and have the odd minor repair (Mostly command elements).

So I have taken this as an opportunity to repaint them and then rebase them. As these were painted 15-20 years ago they are simple one slap of paint jobbies when my Wargaming production line was geared towards quantity instead of quality. So Ill start with a good blackwash and then put in the highlights, new standards and new bases. This time I'll actually make an effort basing them instead of my usual green paint, PVA, flock routine I do.

The first unit on the Worskshop is a Grenadier unit (The picture is old) and I plan to make these look a lot sharper and based on an actual unit, probably the Malaga Infantry Regiment.


Rodger said...

I wish you the best Paul. I really hate re doing fig's.

Jacko said...

I'm actually looking forward to it, I guess as the old paint job was so bad I get a chance to improve !


Archduke Piccolo said...

It's good to see that your morale has recovered, Paul, and you are well on the way to retrieving a good deal more out of the wreckage than you had anticipated. Repair work can be a depressing prospect, but once started and on a roll, it can go forward with a swing.

Mind you: what's wrong with the green paint PVA and flock? Works for me, and in my view even such a simple method can enhance quite rough figures. :)

Jacko said...


Your basing is a lot better than mine Ion, I simply need to make it more realistic as Im sure the Spanish never marched on pristine garden lawn lol.


Rodger said...

I hope you, your family and your troops came through todays quakes without any further damage.