Tuesday, June 28, 2011

End of June


Not much was going to happen as I was supposed to in Los Angeles however thanks to the inept nature of the airline Qantas, I got to stay in shakey Christchurch. There was a small silver lining in all of this, Colin was hosting a Waterloo refight at his place in Waikuku. Colin's house is like a wargames retreats as it is;

i) Outside of ChCh which is rather depressing at the moment. It also has a functioning toilet which for those of us in Chemical toilet land is a very valuable commodity.
ii) Has a large table
iii) Is always a very enjoyable day out with an excellent group of wargamers.
iv) Has dodgy mobile coverage, which (if you want it to be) is a usefull shield against unwanted calls.

The lads had spent the weekend before setting up and here are the pictures of that setup. Due to troop numbers is is scaled down somewhat, a Corp becoming a VLE Division and due to scenery some of the built up areas not being of true size, however if you want to refight Waterloo you cant be picky.

Below the British right wing is being deployed behind Hougoumont, while the French coluns eye it up from the other side.

The scene from behind the British wing and of the excellent long table.

Hopefully soon we will see some updated pics of the actual game.

Silver lining No 2 of my aborted Qantas jaunt was that I recived refunds for all my expenses and have just had a cash injection into my backaccount of a few grand. This has lead to several cash outflows, one to AB Miniatures (Eureka) and one to another supplier to get some 15mm flags. There will be a third and final cash outflow to OldGlory for another 15mm army - I beleive it will be Prussians and not Austrians as I don't want to paint any more white uniforms after doing the Spanish. Though I am tempted by some Russians, Im not sure yet.


Rodger said...

looks like a good game Paul. Shame you missed out on some decent time away from here. After more than 7000 shocks they are a pain in the rear!


looks like a good game - waiting for more pics!