Sunday, May 29, 2011

Starting Again.

To ease myself back into the wargaming\painting fold I have started a project to paint some of my favourite figures. I'll make apologies for the fact that the images in this updare are old, but seeings as though I'll be taking new pics tonight then I want to have a good series of posts relating to the same subject (As I seem to drift somewhat childlike from subject to subject).

I have spent most of my time painting Napoleonic Cavalry in 15mm and 28mm. My goals are to complete my 15mm Spanish Cavalry and 2 28mm French Cavalry Units that are Perry Hussars and Perry Dragoons. I must admit, when I got the boxes last year I did my usual "Oh I'll paint one and see what it is like" but this ended up with one figure painted and the box gathering dust. Of course seeing as I was "homeless" for a month while waiting for water, power and such after the earthquake I wouldn't have got anything done anyway, but at least I have a plan now.

The joy of these figures are the fact you get to make them, which I love, while most of the figure is premoulded you can at least amend they accessories and the odd sword arm etc etc.

In the Perry Dragoon pack you also get a number of dismounted troops, and I started to paint two of these and a mounted officer some time ago as my testers. I have chosen the Italian Guard Dragoons as my unit and started sometime last year. I undercoat in black, and then paint (well usually) in 3 layers depending on the figure type and make. The following two Troopers have been undercoated and had several layers appied to face and uniform but were yet awaiting a more detailed finish and tidy up (aswell as those gold fish eyes).

A mostly completed Officer, I need to tidy up the horse and saddle as well as some minor detail on the sword arm, I also need to find the figure as since taking this shot I have no idea where he is.

My test figure from the Perry Hussars box. I have made them the 2nd Regiment (Westfalia) as I had a surplus of blue paint, aswell as having a large Westphalian Infantry force, why not have hussars with them :). The figures themselves are awesome and this test figure still has some way to go for finishing but I intend to upodate some of his comrades at the same time.

Updated Dragoon Pics, Spanish 15mm Heavies and the start of the Hussars.


Rodger said...

Glad to see you are getting back into the painting again Paul. I have made and painted the Hussars and enjoyed the process. Some don't like the plastics but I like the variety that can be gained.

Jacko said...

Cheers Rodger,

I really like the figures and the bonus is they dont weigh a tonne !