Saturday, May 21, 2011

May Musings


I've finally had the motivation to go into the garage and sort out the crushed and scattered remnants of my wargaming armies. The 28mm french are upside down but appear to been in a good state, half of the Allies escaped as I had onlt rebased them a week before and they were still in the cupboard. 20mm plastic armies were thrown around like confetti and are basically in every other box they could land in :).

15mm Spanish are 50%. what is odd is that the newly done figures survived intact, while all the 15 year old ones died en masse. So I need to start a project to get what I can out of the older figures, aswell as finish the unpainted units I still have left. I'm also going to paint a 28mm Plastic Hussar unit to get the motivation going.

28mm ww2 is intact but the bases all came off, so some glueing is needed. Though it appears all my glue is dry so a trip to a shop is needed.




Archduke Piccolo said...

Best of luck, Paul! It sounds as though the butcher's bill wasn't quite as steep as you expected.
All the best,

Galpy said...

Yes sounds as though some of the boys will live to fight again, must have been gutting though, hope alls well