Monday, September 20, 2010

September 21st


So aftershock central has started to quieten down ! I also checked the garage (My storage area) and it looks like some minor wargame repairs are needed as luckily the only things hat came down housed unpainted or junk wargames boxes.

So I pulled out the 28mmm WW2 Russians to finally finish them. I had the majority in various states of finish so now I'm going back through them all to tidy up and get them based, then after some more 15mm Spanish I'll launch into the Germans (And that PzIV) !

First cab off the rank is my NCO. The figure is Black Tree Design (very nice figure but the company is terrible and has a lot of angry peoploe after it). Khaki padded tunic and Russian green trousers - each is three layer shading and he is 80% done.

Next is an 50% done infantryman. Khaki uniform once again and so far I need to finish his face and highlighting. I started most of these figures about a year ago so now I am tidying up the old paint job.

80% done infantry man in winter uniform.

A French Officer ! Yes I also have 20 or so 1939 French infantry- they are painted fully but I am doing the odd tidyup as the Quake dropped the box and the odd lead chip is showing.

A half made antitank gun. My Russian "omph" is the anti-tank weapon and crew. I undercoated the crew 2 months ago but have no idea where they are now. I need to undercoat the gun and then add the final pieces on (Thought it better to undercoat half made) before finishing it off, The BTD pieces arent the best I have to say (Well if they ever turn up !)
More infantryman in zombie form :). half painted and I havent done the eyes yet apart from the whites of his eyes. Wargame figures always look odd with just white eyes showing.

So - Im finishing 8 at a time so hopefully by next week all will be done. I will then glue them to old 20c pieces as a base and flock them (Which I suck at badly)

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