Monday, September 6, 2010


Kara was feeding the baby at 4.30am on saturday when I heard her call my name. I stood up and all hell broke loose, I was then knocked to the ground by the bedroom wall - WTF ?, I got up made two steps and the lights went. Ill never forget my last view before the lights went, the bedroom was just vibrating and things were flying everywhere. I swear the bedroom wall was bent like a banana.

I fumbled through the dark to the doorway where I found missus and baby on the ground, where we sat out the next 20 mins. I then went into emergency mode, grabbed the torch, turned off the mains and started checking the house was in one piece - which it is thank god. Once that was done (in between aftershocks) I had the emergency kit at the door and ready to go. About 5.30 I checked on the neighbours (some were outside too) , We also have 3 protected trees up our lane , each is at least 3 stories high, one is 4. If they went we were in serious trouble but they were OK and then we waited for day light.

Got the car out of the garage, checked the laundry and wargames figfures everywhere (:().

Monday night now - i think we have had 100 aftershocks over RS 3.0 and to be honest I am sick of them, really. But everything is mostly in one piece though all the time an effort on the wargames stuff is a little disheartening and it is impposble to paint when the ground vibrates to varying degrees.

Anyway no one is dead and that is awesome. Everyone has been fantastic and Im proud of the local response to the disaster.

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Archduke Piccolo said...

Somehow I missed this posting over the last week! Good to see you and yours survived OK, Paul. Sorry to hear about the soldiery. You just have to hope that the damage is light.

It is amazing, I reckon, how there wasn't a heap more damage done to this city and its people. Now after 11 days or so so, we've had 568 aftershocks, so I agree: it's time for Poseidon to let up...

All the best,