Monday, April 14, 2008

Redoubt Lancers (My Westphalians)A bad photo of two prinz Wilhiem Grenadiers
Another bad photo of my 4th Swiss Eagle Bearer

There has been a painting frenzy on recently but in the last few nights I have found I have been gettingf sidetracked painting other things.

I have also found I cant take photos to save my life.. My place also suffers from horrible lighting issues, my fantastic lamp has dissapeared into oblivion, our blinds need fixing and so on and so on.

I have just about finished the Prinz Wilhiem Regt - only cockades, chin straps, buttons and plumes to go, plus some other minor tidy ups. The cuirrassier riders are almost done and then it will be the horses. I have bought Kevin Dallimore painting guide and gt some good tips for horses so will see how that goes. Westphalian Guards are half done and I seem reluctant to make the effort to do them. This is due to the fact I have painted two CSA regiment (italeri figures and some cav), undercoated some 28mm WW2 french, painted two indians and started another company of the 24th foot (SYW). I've also started painting my Lienster regt for my fictitious SYW nation (Revell figures). I also picked up some foundry 1812 Russians to see what they will look like (yikes I have alot of figures). Am also startng to paint (in drabs oif 2-3 figures at a time) my Croation light inf and my 4th Swiss.

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