Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I am slowly learning how to take photos and edit then using picassa. Here are some better shots.

Below are my Westphalian Chevaux Leger Lancier - the westphalians only had Chevaux Leger' so this unit didnt exist - but I have a surplus of lancer figures so I made them anyway. Horse still have to be finished.

Next is my British Officer from Redoubts "Last of the Mohican's" set. Still a little touchip needed.
My Illyrian leger bugler by Redoubt. Not a good photo, Redoubt Nappy figures are quite rough compared to Front Rank\Foundy but I quite like thier character.
My front rank Hessian ErbPrinz regt. My last posts have been calling them Prinz Wilhiem - I got a little muddled up. FR made a boo boo on my order and I received 16 voltigeurs instead of fusilier. So the fusiliers will ahve white plumes to ake them "fancy".
My last FR artillery officer - a little tidy up needed and then all I have to do is make the guns.

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