Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Command Decision WW2 and Napoleonic Update

It's been along hot summer. I have done a lot and have a series of blog posts ready but I never seem to finish anything to post. Luckily the weather turned here as a cyclone came and it was nice and cool - perfect painting weather.

Archduke Piccilo and myself have been getting ready for a Desert War game using the operational rules. My Italians have needed to be finished, but that has now expanded into the 8th Army vehicles.

I have been quite industrious here. I based all the infantry and tanks, and then spray painted them  (Desert Primer for the Italians and Light Sand for the British).

 The vehicles were then given a dose of Army Painter Quick Shade, and I am really please with how they came out. I am currently painting the infantry equipment and then they will be quicktoned too and I'll finish the bases.

And I am slowly basing my 1/72 British for my Grande Armee refights


Archduke Piccolo said...

You have more industious than I have in the last couple of weeks, Paul. I've done diddly squat. My sole effort has been to provide a flag for my Napoleonic British Footguards (the job lot I bought three or four years back has but one flag bearer...).

I have continued to think about how to organise our formations along the lines and with the scale we used for Uranus. I'd like to run my ideas by you sometime soon. Just a quick indication here. The Italian infantry divisions would look a bit like the infantry Divs we had for the Russians and Romanians. Allied and German infantry divisions would look a bit more articulated. E.g. A panzer Division would comprise two 'kampfgruppen' each comprising a panzer and two infantry stands, a third group comprising artillery and possibly a AA/AT stand, and finally a recon stand of an armoured car or light half-track.

The Italian Ariete and Trieste Divisions (and possibly RECAM) should also comprise more elements.

If we were instead to adopt (or adapt) the sort of scaling I used for Sidi Rezegh, then the formations - including the small Italian infantry Divisions - would comprise more elements. Do you have a scale preference?

Jacko said...


I just read my blog post again and it was littered with spelling mistakes. I did proof read it and I even ran spell checker before hand but I reinforces to me that I might have a learning issue I should get tested for. Oh well.

I don't mind scale really, just as long as I have enough figures. I don't have many AT guns (3 really), not that Italians had a lot in the first place. I was simply going to use 6 infantry stands (and through in the odd MMG and 47mm to the better units) per Division. I am painting a blackshirt division though with the "Waterloo" brand italians I have.