Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Cardboard Buildings Repair

Around five or so years ago I picked up a Pireme Publishing Waterloo kit for around $10. I hastily made it without really thinking about its sturdiness and longevity. The completed item below in around 2011/2012.

5 years (ish) later I found them in the garage a few weeks ago in all sorts of states. Over time and poor storage they had warped and been damaged. So, as I am quite fond of them I started to repair them, firstly adding coffee stirrers in an attempt to strengthen them and also iron out the kinks. A good dose of glue gun and PVA also helped.

Le Belle Alliance  (below) was the first patient. What a world of difference the first few braces made and the piece is looking far better than it did, it also feels a lot sturdier.

So , onwards I continues bracing all the other kits as well as starting on Hougonmont kit that I had never touched.

I am currently basing them so I hope to have some completed pictures soon.

Happy New year !


Archduke Piccolo said...

It would have been a shame to let those buildings go to waste. But I, too, have discovered that light cardboard/paper stock simply has to be reinforced for their own survival.

These days I've taken to making very underscale buildings (you've seen some of them, for our Hexblitz style WW2 games.

Jacko said...


The Tudor one is very large but I thought it best to follow instructions first. Once I have experience then I can fiddle and rescale.