Thursday, October 5, 2017

WW1 Action

The moons have aligned ! School holidays , working late and cancelled events meant that I was able to visit David's to join his ww1 action.  Cambria 1917 I think with massed tanks attacking german trenches .

 I was the RAF and had the pleasure of simply flying where I pleased bombing and strafing. Biggles and Snoopy menaced the German positions at first but Snoopy was shot down so Biggles lost his nerve. We paused at the event below as the tanks made it through the wire and onto he trenches

I hope to make the next evening to see the end of it.


Chasseur said...

Wow impressive set up! :)

Al said...

That trench set looks familiar :)

Jacko said...

I think Dave makes it all ands it's very good

Al said...

Nice one mate, me and dave made them a long time ago, he has my set too, can make some really big maps - we did Messines once

Cool post

Jacko said...

Ah they are very very nice - well done !