Sunday, November 6, 2016

Finished Units

I actually finished some units in the last few days which has been a good morale boost. I seem to have gone for so long without actually completing anything that I found myself preferring to read books or play computer games.

So to inspire myself I pulled out 24 Hat Saxons and promptly painted them as Spanish Infantry. I have toyed with creating a small force of 1/72 Figures in order to try Big Battles \ Small tables for the Peninsular war. I have the figures already and they are lighter than my 28mm horde so would fit nicely in a box and can play on my "table" (which is a bed). I have enough Spanish, French and English to re-fight any battle but they just need painting.

At the time the HAT Spanish were not available so I purchased the Saxon's to fill in and they do a reasonable job if one does not look too closely.

I also has two days off sick last week due to a heavy cold so I was able to finish the basing on my completed WSS Unit. I am glad I finished them but pretty unhappy with the unit as a whole due to a series of mistakes I made since putting them together. Its an imagination unit of the Rechburgian army, the rest of my figures will be French.

  • Figures pose selection was awful - I don't know why I included 4 firing figures in the mix.
  • Wrong officer figures for the unit.
  • Painting groups at a time and not using the same colours (I am not making the same mistake with my Spanish)
  • Missing steps - The faces are really bad I am actually redoing them. They have eye sockets that I may have to paint as eyes.....goldfish eyes of course.


Archduke Piccolo said...

Paul - I don't see too much wrong with the WSS unit at all. Yes a couple of the coats have 'faded' - well, you get that! or else the dye batch was different. Remember, even in this day and age, getting the same paint colour you got a year or two back can be problematic!

One of the problems of doing forces piecemeal is that it is hard to plan properly. I got mine pretty much all at once for each arm. Even then I'm not sure I made a good decision building a grenadier unit. I've decided to paint it as if it were one of the line units, or possibly as two with similar uniforms, rather than with a 'company' from each of my other 6 infantry.

Progress has been nil since late last week, but coming along...

Jacko said...


My latest unit will not face the same issue as they are all being painted at once. This shall also help me to complete the whole unit a lot quicker.