Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Cat is a Menace

I have been motivated of late to work through my WSS and SciFi figures but on some nights this motivation is continually interrupted by "the white menace".

Our beloved cat, flake who is deaf (Does not stop me talking to her) really enjoys being part of the action and being close to people in the house. However when painting figures this proximity is really impeding me to the point where some nights I have had to stop.

(If you did not know already a deaf cats meow is amplified so locking her way just results in a long wailing session. (She cannot go outside as she will not hear dogs or cars )) I don't like closing the door in case my daughter wakes.

Here in her natural pose of "This is my bed".

However a pattern soon developed as I noticed she likes to sit in large boxes.
She also likes to sit on boxes, not any boxes mind you but boxes that have war-game figures in them.

As I paint she then likes to come and explore what I am doing, and sit right in the middle of the session. She will, of course jump from the floor directly into the midst of whatever I am doing which has resulted in many freshly painted figures getting white fur stuck to them.

Now she has started to take an interest in sitting in my container that has my paints in it.

Also at my painting desk she sits at the window behind the curtains, her wagging tail knocking anything in reach off onto the floor.

This week I have tried to paint but once I finally got her to go away she then returned to go and pee in the corner of the room (Another issue) which took about 20 minutes to clear up.

Tonight I hope to complete some figures and the first step in that plan is getting the cat to sleep on my daughters bed at bed time !


Michael Peterson said...

Your kitty is quite lovely. I had a cat who enjoyed being all over my painting desk and wargames tables. He went missing a month ago and is much lamented. I have another cat who does the pee thing and rather wish she was the one that had wandered off.

Jacko said...

Yes she is a lovely cat when she is not being destructive. Sorry to hear your cat ran off and only l'pee pee is left, cat urine is not a pleasant thing to deal with.


Archduke Piccolo said...

The one thing about our cat's fatal encounter with a Siberian Husky that turned up in our house one morning is that the peeing and crapping issue - there's far too many OTHER cats in our neighbourhood - has been brought to an end. Took a while to get used to it, actually.
Now she has gone, the strays have free reign. But I'm hoping that will have positive effects on the rodent infestation come next winter...

But she's a handsome looking cat, Paul. So was our Isis...