Thursday, July 7, 2016

15mm Fantasy


I still have not done anything game related in some time but I am slowly thinking about things a little more and more, which is a start I think. I managed to find my 15mm pile and dragged out my Huns and Mountain Orcs for my RallyRoundTheKing campaigns so I will force myself to get into them over the weekend.

The Huns will be Hykar warriors and the Orcs will be just some bigger badder guys than my current lot.

The pound has also gotten very very low and this is a very very bad  sign for my finances :)



Archduke Piccolo said...

The politicians demonstrated their true value to the planet by failing to put together anything even remotely resembling a contingency plan. Nigel Farage said. and I quote: 'I have a plan.' We have found out what that was, haven't we?

For myself, war games is on hold (more or less) for the next 3 weeks at least, possibly longer. Still: I have just about finished off my ACW cavalry with its new organisation (6x15-figure battalions for the Union, 4x23-figure regiments for the Confederacy).

Looking seriously at 'Not Quite Mechanised' rule set for operational level WW2. Haven't really done much, but tinkering with organisations, re-reading my battered multi-piece (fell apart years ago) copy of Guderian's 'Panzer Leader', and resurrecting from my archives my notes on the 'Panzer Leader II' scenario "Kanev".

While I think of it - have you still got those horses?

Jacko said...

Good news. Europe's implosion will reap far flung wargamers buying power - that was the Farage plan !

Yes, I have sorry I will need to drop them off over the weekend.



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