Sunday, February 15, 2015

54mm and 1/72 fun and games


I joined the 54mm painting team for the Museum display and got myself all ready to paint my 40 figures. So here are the 5 figures I received two weeks ago which I was given which I must say left me a little downhearted. Don't get me wrong the logistics issues are very understandable (Canterbury  charged into it with heaps of us getting stuck in) , it was mainly my enthusiasm and impatience that got the better me as I was all set to charge into it due to my preference of doingf far too much all at once. Seeing other painters in the north island painting 10's at a time does not help - such is my eagerness to paint more of them.

I have done the initial base - coat so all that is left to do on these is the wash and highlights. I'll leave these till I get some more as I prefer to do these things in bulk. The figures are all mostly the same uniform but I did the 5th one differently to see how the change would look for future figures.

The arms on these lads were an absolute bastard to glue on but once done and filled it wasn't too bad.

I am painting up some small 1/72 forces for some Solo skirmish gaming. some Strelets Romans, more like 25mm than 1/72 but they look quite fine fellows. They will be my human forces for my Fantasy land.
Dark Alliance orcs
 Light Alliance Dwarves
Dark Alliance Half Orcs or alternatively(well I call them this) called "Lord of the Rings uruks" considering they are sculpts from the movie scenes. They even have the white hand on the shields.
 And a 15mm British RHA gunner I'm painting for Colin. Over the last few years I have seen these chaps sitting in Colin's garage and as thanks for his hosting of games I said I'd paint them for him.

Very soon I will post an incredible bias account of my Spanish Army giving the french a damn good hammering.


Rodger said...

Absolutely agree re the 54mm chaps. My 5 are at exactly the same stage. I ended up using blutac to hold the arms in place while the glue dried!

Jacko said...

Yeah, I think I'm going to wait till I have a decent number to finish the rest as time is at a premium. I'd prefer to do 10 or 20 at a time while everything is out - especially the 50/50 mixes that seem to dry very quickly.

Hopefully by the end of this week we should have some more.

Chasseur said...

Yeah I also said I'd wait until a decent number showed up. Unfortunate what you say about the arms!! Do they not have pegs or something?