Sunday, November 30, 2014

Planceniot Update

I've been pottering along getting my 6mm armies ready for my solo Planceniot game

Below are some units of the Young Guard. The first time I have ever painted YG figures so I had to learn a lot about their uniforms and also painting lace on small figures is easier than I thought. I need to flock the bases and some other small jobs and they are ready to go.

Below 16th brigade, IV Corps (von Hiller.
The first of the Prussian's painted and ready to be finalised and finished (With some French Legere on the side).

A close-up of my Landwher units.
So full speed ahead. Another 20 or so Prussians and more cavalry, 10 or so french and I'm all sorted. I don't have the exact cavalry units needed in some places so their countrymen of other units will stand in their place.  I have the terrain base tiles glues so I then need to texture and paint them - then move into my board and plan the table.  Ground scale will be blown out of proportion most likely but then again - its only toy soldiers.

I am also slowly re-basing my 28mm French and finishing off the 6mm Sudan and 10 Vietnam so next week I hope to play a few solo games to get used to the rules again.


Rodger said...

Very impressive work! 6mm looks so hard to paint to me!

Archduke Piccolo said...

Quite an ambitious project, Paul. What scale are those 'Plancenoit' figures, again?

Jacko said...

They are 6mm figures, I still have very good eyesight so I'm getting them done while I can.