Monday, September 15, 2014

Cats and Wargames

We obtained a cat from the SPCA and at night (When my daughter is asleep) it likes to be near me (Where I am usually painted at the kitchen table). In the last few nights it has found the paint pile an interesting place and keeps jumping on the table (Where it is not allowed).

 However the cat is tone deaf so no amount of talking to it will help. I have to walk around the table and pick it up from the front (Otherwise it gets a fright being deaf). I must have done this about 10 times last night so my output is being affected but I guess it is good exercise.

I have started to re-base my French and so far have changed 6 units around, finished painting another 2 and am just about to finish repainting one more. Then I'll tidy up my cavalry and fix some guns (the guns were shattered in the quakes) and then I'll have a handy small force for a game. All the standards were busted in the earthquakes too so more work is required on those.

Then I shall continue on with my Saxons and Hotspur figures, then maybe the Russians and Prussians too..........and that Austrian unit I have floating around.

To make things worse I have almost finished my 6mm 1815 Prussian Army for solo games. And when I mean games, I mean Plancenoit at Battalion level.


Michael Peterson said...

From behind your cat look adorable. We have a fluffy one like that, a rescue from a farm (very expensive to adopt barn cats), good for you. One of my cats has decided it likes to nap on my wargames table, I'm not very happy with that but I'm trying to be patient with it.
Plancenoit at battalion level ... you are ambitious, aren't you?

Jacko said...

Thanks. The cat is very friendly and fun so she has been a good find.

Yes very ambitious, it sounds a grand plan but the units are quite small so it wont be too big.