Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Oh oh Shiney !

Its been a busy month, Fletchers working on the house (which has been good apart from the bricklayer who seems to be a retard), birthdays, illness and a change of jobs. I have been steadily painting but haven't had a chance to actually base some units due to the garage being overfilled with housewares.

I bought some AB Cuirrassier figures off trademe as I wanted another unit and couldnt face painting them, quite well painted figures but just needed rebasing. Below they are sitting in the sandbox along with a Prussian Line Infantry unit allowing some sand to soak into the PVA. I don't really go in for buying painted figures, but the ease of it all was tempting and I have so many projects going on it would make things easier I suppose.

 Below is the command stand of the Prussian Regt (Pomeranian I think - I need to find my notes), Old Glory figures and also fun to paint (and easy !) yet I have a few hundred more to go.

A Swiss Regt (AB figures) after "sanding" and awaiting the base to be painted, highlighted and flocked. I enjoyed painting this unit as the AB figures always look good and I look forward to the next

I have a few more posts to come over the next week as I roll into some more units.



Archduke Piccolo said...

Looking good, as always, Paul. I gather that the Spanish campaign ended with a heavy strategic defeat for the Anglo-Portuguese somewhere in Northeast portugal - somewhere near Almeida. What the hell happened???

I mean, I thought I had set up a fairly favorable situation at the time Andrew took it over, but I didn't think it was that good...

Rodger said...

Very nice work there Paul. Love the Swiss.

Jacko said...

Thanks for the comments.

The Spanish campaign finished as I sued for peace with the french. The last two battles were simply massive routs due to the inequality difference and it simply wasnt worth playing games like that. When playing on small tables the veteran french could simply move too fast and do too much and when you have poor troops and poor commanders you can barely react, this was also hampered by the general casualty rules that lead to my commanders suffering at least a 50% death rate in each battle. The Brits were stuck at Almeida and I didnt want to face playing another 6 games of inequality.