Thursday, January 3, 2008

A New Start

A New Year a New Start
Like most of my projects I started with a hiss and a roar and then it petered out into a slight whimpering ha ha ha.

I am going to offload my WW2 1/72 stuff as after visiting my grandads grave I decided that I will never play Germans again.

I painted a load of CSA and they look alright - its easy to paint 1/72 figures- so easy in fact I did 4 regts in a day. They look quite good - they look similar to the figures I painted over 15 years ago.

I have picked up some more 25mm french dollies made by redoubt - compared to Front Rank and foundry they are quite small but I like the figures so I thought what the hell. I also picked up some old Hotspur french 25mm (they arent made anymore after the designer was killed in a bike accident)) to finally finish the brigade I started 15 years ago (Yikes)

The figures were 40% off through a contact in the US. The size compares to Hinchcliffe but have more detail and the poses are varied - I quite like them.

So I picked up 2 Line Bns (of 24 figures), 1 Voltigeur bn, 2 guns and 1 Line lancer Regt aswell as some various hincliffe and hospur figures to compliment existing ranges. So yes my army will have avast contrast of Front Rank giants next to smaller Redoubt but I like the variety.

I'll be bringing my camera in on Monday to add some pics (finally)
(I also added some more 15mm french from deflatermouse.)

Am off to the States on thursay so who knows what shops I will find over there.

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