Saturday, June 18, 2022

Testing Rules for refights

 I will be planning a variety of re-fights over the next year or so, with a target of a very large game. As such, the topic of rules always comes up, so my trusty companions and I will play test some rules over the next few months.

Today was Black Powder, a rule set I have used a few times before in a lot of periods. Some pics from the game below, French defending a crossroads from an Allied attack.

A French Victory as the Allies ran out of steam at a crucial time and with some excellent dice rolling.


Trebian said...

If you are doing a REALLY big refight, I'd go with the simplest rules everyone knows. Once you get a lot of units on the table having fine detail in the rules becomes less important.

Jacko said...

Thanks Trebian.

Yes, simple is the goal, just doing some due diligence and getting some practice in.

Chris said...

Keep me informed if you are planning big games. Hard to believe it is 7 years since our big Waterloo game at Woolston. Always keen to be involved, especially Napoleonics in 28mm.