Sunday, April 21, 2024

Battle of Wavre Refight


Looking for a big game, we decided to re-fight Wavre in 28mmm, but with Grouchy starting earlier then expected. The game had around 80 Infantry units, 16 Cav and a 18 batteries, on a large table with 6 players. A fun affair, with the French pushing the Prussians as they did historically but not enough to take the position. 

I felt the French had just done enough, but not enough to stop the result up the road.

Luck and Kampfen prepare to defend Wavre Town

French assaults about to begin.

Gerard streams past Limale to assault Bierges from the west.



Mad Padre said...

That's a serious looking battle, hordes of figures, looks great. Are all those figures from one collection or is it a club effort?
Cheers from Canada,

Jacko said...


The French were from one collection and the Prussians were 50% mine and the other from two other players.

Archduke Piccolo, and Chasseur both played too.