Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Epic Imperial Fist Terminators

So in an effort to kick start my SciFi forces I have been testing painting Epic figures and in rather dashing Yellow.

Golden Yellow Base, Earth wash and a few highlights with lemon yellow. Of course I can't leave it at that and need to insignia and such onto the shoulder armour.

I am quite please with how these turned out so I can now charge into the remaining stands. I plan to have two Chapters - Imperial Fist (With all the Support) and Ultra Marines for some infantry support. I have some Imperial Guard "type's" to be general Militia types and all I need now are some decent bugs.


Archduke Piccolo said...

Good Lord, these take me back! About 20-25 years ago a friend bought a boxed set of Space Crusade. We played out a campaign - or part of one at least. Chris played the Space Hulk denizens, his son, Bron, took I think the Blood Angels, and I had the Imperial Fist guys.

The most memorable missions were the first and the last of maybe 5. In the first, the BA and IF landed on opposite sides of the hulk. My guys cleared a couple of rooms, but then it all went sideways. I eventually made it to the exit, the sole survivor, bleeding from several wounds.

In the last, I led a squad of 8 guys I think, busting through the entry-way. We strode through that hulk like the Lords of Creation, took on and took out at least two thirds of whatever the hordes of chaos could throw at us, and decontaminated the artefact with the loss of hardly a man. I don't think the BA had nearly as much fun that day.

They left Christchurch not long after, and I've never played that game again. :-(

Jacko said...

GW released it (Of course being expensive and refined for modern standards (ie: crap) but I was tempted to get a new copy but it was several hundred at the time.

Jacko said...

$199 to be exact.

Unknown said...

Oooooh pretty things! Want to see more!